Stacy continues his teaching on Joshua 11 covering the post war wrap up for the Israelites in Canaan.

How to be Blessed

September 27, 2015

Pastor Wayne talks about How to be Blessed.

Pastor Stacy discusses Joshua 11:19-20 and touches on the sovereignty of God.

Pastor Stacy discuses the “war wrap-up” outlined in Joshua 11:16-20

Testimony of Grace

September 6, 2015

The Testimony of Grace

Pastor Stacy Discusses the 7 Assurances God Gave to the Israelites.

Pastor Stacy walks us through Joshua 11:1-15 and covers Israels northern campaign against the Canaanites.

Pastor Stacy finishes his discussion on hope for a doomed nation.

Is there any hope for a nation that has come under God wrath? Pastor Stacy Reviews Romans chapter 1 in the second half of the three part series “Will God…

Pastor Stacy raises the question, Will God Judge America?