Easter Preppers

March 29, 2015

How will you prepare for Easter?

How exactly does God encourage his people? Pastor Stacy takes a look at Acts 23:11 and give us insight in to the methods God uses to encourage his people.

Part three of “Christians Shouldn’t Judge” By pastor Stacy Johnson.

This is a continuation of the Church Urban Legends series. Part 2 of “Christians Shouldn’t Judge” Mathew 7:1-6

Stacy Continues his series of sermons on “Church Urban Legends” this week he discusses Mathew 7:1-6 in a sermon titled “Christians Shouldn’t Judge”

Stacy discuses the next “Church Urban Legend” A Godly Home guarantees a Godly Child. Proverbs 2:2-6.

Does forgiveness really mean forgetting? Pastor Stacy Johnson discusses the truth about real biblical forgiveness in the second part of “Forgiveness Means Forgetting” a series on Church Urban Legends.

Does forgiveness really mean forgetting? Pastor Stacy Johnson Starts this first part of a two part sermon on biblical forgiveness. This is the beginning of a new series covering Church…

Taking a Second Look at Joshua 9

Pastor Stacy preaches on Joshua 9:16-27. After you experience failure what should you do?