Does forgiveness really mean forgetting? Pastor Stacy Johnson Starts this first part of a two part sermon on biblical forgiveness. This is the beginning of a new series covering Church…

Taking a Second Look at Joshua 9

Pastor Stacy preaches on Joshua 9:16-27. After you experience failure what should you do?

Pastor Stacy covers Joshua 9:1-16 and discusses how the Gibeonites deceived Israel.

Pastor Stacy elaborates on Seven Reasons why Preaching is NOT Enough.

Pastor Stacy Johnson points out the Exclusivity of Jesus Christ in Christmas.

Pastor Stacy explains how a believer should celebrate Christmas. Luke 2:17-20

“A Light Has Dawned” by Pastor Kenny Keahey. Remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Pastor Stacy Johnson continues his discussion on the topic of Christian thankfulness in “The Distinctive Nature of Christian Thanksgiving Part” 2 (Psalm 100)

What makes Christian Thanksgiving different? This is the first part of a series about christian thanksgiving preached by Stacy Johnson.